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Mr Joseph Makuvaza (Founder and Group Chief Executive Officer)

Innovative and results –driven transformational leader focused on achieving exceptional results in a highly competitive environment that demand continuous improvement. Experienced in driving product, process, and customer service improvements while building partnerships with key business decision-makers. Consistently increased production reduced operating costs and improved product quality by utilizing World class manufacturing concepts (six sigma, theory of constraints etc.). Entrepreneurial by nature and ability to see the “bigger picture”, utilizes skills from an extensive background in a well-known blue-chip corporate consortium with general management, Real Estate Management, Occupational Health and Safety, Asset Management, Business Development, and Change Management. 29 years of hands-on experience gained from within the International Development Agencies and INGOs, Health, Further Education and Training Institutes, Business Incubation, Facilities Management expertise, building relationship, Strategic Planning and Management, Development Administration, Public relations, Marketing,

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Education & Credentials

Discover My Expertise

  • Master of Business Administration MBA

  • Master’s in development studies from the University of South Africa

  • Honours Degree in Development Studies from the University of South Africa

  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Development Studies from the University of South Africa

  • Advanced Diploma in Project Planning and Management

  • Advanced Diploma in Training Management

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Monitoring and Evaluation

  • The University of Zimbabwe Certificate in Rural Development and Training

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Business Incubation and Management

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  • Business Planning

  •  Risk Management

  •  Financial management

  •  Operational and Strategic Planning

  •  Occupational Health and Safety

  •  Project planning and management

  •  Facilities and Asset Management

  •  Public Relations and Brand management

  •  Strategic partnerships and customer relations management

  •  Change management

  •  Training management and adult learning principles

  • Environmental and impact assessment

  •  Entrepreneurial Development and Small Business Management

  • Strategic Marketing management

  • Development planning and Policy analysis

  • Leadership and strategic human resources management

  • Gender Issues in Development

  • Governance and Development

  • Politics and Development.


  • Proven track record in revitalizing unsuccessful businesses.

  • Successes and achievements are based on a passion for people development and empowerment. Known as an inspirational leader with a supportive yet challenging management style that motivates both teams and individuals to achieve and exceed targets and job responsibilities

  • Senior executive with verifiable year-after-year success achieving revenue, profit, and business growth objectives within start-up, turnaround and rapid change environments.

  • Excellent organizational expertise with high attention to detail.

  • Facilities management expertise in the built environment, Education and real estate management

  • Expert in strategic planning and implementation- Guiding and directing an enterprise through substantial change management utilizing strong and effective strategic leadership.

  • Extensive experience with highly engineered systems, which require a deep understanding of critical business drivers in multiple markets and industries

  • Highly successful in building relationships with upper-level decision-makers, seizing control of critical problem areas.

  • Developed Incubation Manual and policies

  • Excellent knowledge of business risk identification, management, and mitigation strategies


Known for building and motivating cross-functional teams that exceed corporate expectations. Established Great North Business Incubator from Zero to Hero. Established Seda Platinum Incubator in Rustenburg and Seda Limpopo Jewellery Incubator Polokwane.

  • Founder of Chivu Aids Voluntary Community Development Association of Zimbabwe.

  • Founder of JOE Plastic Recycle Private Limited

  • Founder of Great North Business Incubator NPC

  • Founder of Great North Management and Leadership Training Institute (GNMLTI)

  • Transformed two underperforming business incubators to become a world-class Centers of excellence in Jeweler designing and manufacturing that outdone competitors, maximized share of strategic markets and elevated annual turnover by 50 percent.

  • Won International / Global award in Business Incubation in 2013 Botswana

  • Integrated 6 functional departments that were underperforming into a competitive force that managed to meet their annual targets in six months.

  • Turned around an underperforming Manufacturing Company, streamlining 4 business units around a coherent commercial and operational worldwide strategy, restoring profitability, winning market share in strategic and emerging regions.

  • Developed 21st-century policies and procedures for facilities management at private, public and High learning institutions

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