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Arts and Cultural Programs (ACP)

Cultural Identity

Indigenous people can use their cultural roots to survive and flourish. GNBI helps leaders develop a strong cultural identity by asking: how are traditions preserved? how do these traditions get recognized in the larger community? how can the community at large become involved in preserving its own heritage? Along with using traditional learning strategies, GNBI arranges exchange programs between indigenous peoples from South Africa and those of other countries.

Art Class

ACP Programs Include:

  • Strategies for Nurturing and Strengthening Cultural Identity, for indigenous leaders.

  • Developing Cultural Understanding through Art for visual artists

  • Intercultural communication skills training

  • Gender Sensitisation in Arts and Culture activities and ceremonies

  • Training in Participatory project planning, management, and Evaluation for Arts and Culture program

The Arts

GNMLTI arts programs offer visual and performing artists the opportunity to cross cultural boundaries. We provide our expertise and training in the following key areas:

Martial Arts

Art Programs Include:

  • Arts and Craft Small Business Management

  • Management Development and Leadership

  • Management Development

  • Corporate Entrepreneurship

  • Information and Knowledge Management

  • Information Technology Project Management

  • Strategic Human Resources Management

  • Strategic Management of Creativity and Innovation

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Entrepreneurship in the Arts and culture sector

  • Governance in Arts and Culture organizations

  • Training in the Management of community-based arts and culture festivals

  • Marketing and Fundraising for Community Arts and Culture organization

  • The role of Arts and Culture in the development of communities

  • Cultural and Arts Exchange for silk carpet and embroidery artisans

  • The Role of Technology in theatre, Arts, and crafts

  • Using the Performing Arts with At-Risk Youth, for African performing artists; full exchange with artisans.

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