Start and Grow your Business  Course

Please note that course 1 is free and remaining are payment based

Course 1: Start and Grow Your Business for SMMEs

Free Module 1 : Beating the Odds at Strat-up- Start Small, Think big

This module provides an introduction to starting and growing your own business.

Entrepreneurship is about survival, which nurtures creative thinking . Business is not

financial science, it’s about trading-buying and selling It introduces key definitions and

presents the main principles and good practices of starting and growing your business. The main point is to Start Small and Think big. If you can dream It, You can do it. This module is offered for free as part of our giving back to the community as always.

Module 2 – Leadership and Human Resources ( Lighting the Fire)

This module illustrate various aspects of leadership and human resources management in

growing your business. SMMEs are equipped with effective leadership , human resources

management , blending leadership and management, the importance of teams in growing your business. Most of all the module assists SMMEs in establishing an organisational culture that inspires business success through people management. The SMMEs are exposed to empowering leadership styles and the value of teams is emphasized ( None of us is as smart as all of us). The module culminates into the following philosophy. Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.

Module 3 – Managing Business Finances ( Making Money Work )

This module exposes the SMMEs into the field of Finance management for the success of the business. The module examines the three aspects of managing finance namely, financial accounting, management accounting and financial strategy. The module incorporates judgements about risks and financial decision . It also introduces SMMEs to fraudulent business transactions, investment and dividends, risk management and so on. This module guides Founders and or Directors to master the business’ financial data, identify financing needs, develop a fundraising strategy, and monitor the financial performance of the business. Thus helping the SMME in making money work.

Module 4 : Strategy and Operations( Working with A vision )- The starting point of

any new venture is having a goal and there must be a clear strategy as to how to get there.

It is also essential to have a vision of what success will be like once that goal has been

reached. This module is critical for the successful growth of the business as the .SMMEs

will be equipped with skills , knowledge and techniques in developing a business strategy and operational model. The SMMEs will be exposed to new ways of doing business and determine that the thing can and shall be done , and find the way.

Module 5 – Marketing and Stakeholder Management( Successful Selling ).

This module is designed to support efficient and effective communication of the business with key customers and other stakeholders based on a good understanding of the marketplace. By definition , marketing is the field of management devoted to selling. It is the link between production and profit, providing the expertise for taking a product or service through the most appropriate channels to find the people most likely to buy it.

The SMMEs will be equipped with skills, knowledge and techniques needed to penetrate the market and sell. Furthermore, SMMEs will be equipped with skills to develop the marketing model that suits their businesses.

Module 6 – Production and Post Production ( Delivering the goods or Servives)

This module provides the business Owner with an overview of sound Production practices that reduces waste and high cost of production. Market globalization and fast -paced technological change have raised customer expectations, and firms can succeed or fail depending on their ability to deliver the right goods at the right price, at the right time via the right distribution channels. If getting it wrong can be costly, getting it right takes time.

SMMEs are taught that manufacturing is more than just putting parts together . It is coming up with ideas, testing principles and perfecting the engineering as well as final assembly. The ultimate goal is to inform the SMMEs that business success , lies in improvement of products or services. Improvement usually means doing something that we have never done before. The machines, facilities, and people should work together to add value .


Free Business Mentoring, and Coaching

The successful completion of the training leads to free Start-up Upskilling and super

mentor sessions. These sessions will be provided by our experienced and passionate individuals from the incubator ecosystem .

Start Upskilling Follow -up training

This program will be designed for SMMEs who would have completed the first 6 modules


NOTE : Take advantage and start and grow your business through our incubation program.

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