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Community Mobilization and Leadership

Coupled with national leadership, community mobilization is a powerful tool in achieving economic and social advancement. Through GNBI's participatory training approach, community and NGO leaders acquire a variety of skills that help make them effective change agents at the grassroots level and up.

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We provide training in the following areas:

  • Community Leaders as Change Agents

  • Effective Report Writing

  • Effective Grant Proposal Writing

  • Leadership in Community Development

  • Negotiation and Leadership

  • Effective fundraising and Marketing

  • Effective Leaders

  • Project Management Master Class

  • Women's Director Development

  • Community- Driven Development -Asset Based Approach 

  • Citizen participation in democracy, politics, and development

  • Community Mobilization through Participatory Learning and Action

  • Gender Equity and Community Development

  • Increasing Participation in Community Projects

  • Understanding Advocacy and Public Leadership

  • Using Appreciative Inquiry for Organizational or Community Development

  • Understanding Change and Resistance to Change

  • Resource Mobilization for NGO s and CBOs in community development

  • Developing Effective Materials for Non-Formal Education and Training

  • Using Technology and Media for Community Mobilization

We provide training in the following areas:

  • Community development strategies

  • Internal Financial Controls for NGOs, CBOs, and other charity organizations

  • Cooperatives as a community development strategy

  • Theater for Development and Group Facilitation Skills

  • Strengthening capacities of NGOs, CBOs in governance and Development

  • Participatory project planning and evaluation European Commission and other Development Funding Organizations approach

  • Training for Transformation for communities

  • Project design, Grant Proposal and report writing for CBOs and NGOs staff

  • Civil society’s role in community development

  • Community and Organizational Development

  • Information and Knowledge management

  • Action research as a tool project planning and evaluation

  • Water and Sanitation project management

  • Social enterprise and Self-help income generation

  • NGO, CBO, and Civic organizations sustainability

  • Micro-finance and community development

  • Fundraising for NGOs, CBOs and other Not for Profit organization

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