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Development Communication and Journalism Management (DCJM)

GNBI's journalism programs focus on the responsibility of the media to strengthen civil society, using the U.S. model of a free press to exemplify the ethical advantages of a separation between the media and the state. These programmes challenge the relationship between development communication and mass media.


The course targets all communicators from all sectors of economy. Development is participatory in nature. It requires engagement and participatory of target audiences and communities. Governments alone cannot drive process, it needs an integrated approach from the private sector, civil society and communities. It has become increasingly true that businesses need to communicate its development investment. In all these sectors, development communication demands skillful employment of techniques, critical thinking and ability to evaluate investment outcomes in a structured approach.

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Training programs include:

  • What is Development Journalism and communication

  • Community- Driven Development -Asset Based Approach 

  • Non-Profit Finance

  • Effective use of media releases and social media

  • Speeches that communicate development

  • The development media environment and channels

  • Developing Skills in Journalism, for journalists.

  • Rule of Law, for journalists.

  • Ethics in Journalism and Investigative Reporting, for journalists.

  • Journalism and Public Relations, for ministry officials.

  • The development of the media environment and media channels

  • Critical Evaluation of Press Releases, advertorials

  • Publishing to communicate Development

  • Need and Impact of development journalism

  • Evaluating development communication tools

  • Community Journalism and Media Management in development

  • Setting up a communication strategy for development communication

  • Assessing Development Communication

  • Development journalism theory and Practice

  • Broadcasting and Development Communication

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