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Development Planning and Project Management (DPPM)

Project managers, Policy planners, Program managers, Youth development Officers, Social Workers and decision makers are introduced to a broad range of performance-based management strategies. Participants will develop concrete management plans to address the issues and challenges they face in projects and organizations in their home countries.


Specific areas of expertise and training include:

  • Project Planning and Management (The PMIBOK)

  • Effective Report Writing Training

  • Development Planning

  • Advanced Project Management, Strategic Design and Implementation

  • Corporate Finance Strategies for Shareholders

  • Corporate Governance and Effective Boards

  • Fundamentals of Development Planning

  • Gender-Responsive Economic Policy Management

  • Industrial Policy Formation in Africa

  • Information Management in Public Sector

  • Macro-Economics Modelling for development planners

  • Portfolio Management

  • Management Development and Leadership

  • Project Management Master Class

  • Strategic Management

  • Talent Management

  • Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Information and Knowledge management

  • Strategic Planning and Organizational Development

  • Regional and Economic Planning

  • Managing Community Development Projects

  • Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation

  • Empowerment and Popular initiatives

  • The Geography of basic needs

  • Transformational leadership development

  • Intercultural Communication in development and within organizations

  • Infrastructure development planning in developing countries

  • Governance and development

  • Gender Issues in development

  • Poverty alleviation strategies in developing the world

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