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Digital Entrepreneurship Program (DEP)

Digital Entrepreneurship Program (DEP) aims to support competitive digital entrepreneurs that create new business models, products, and services, to gain access to new opportunities and contribute to the public and private sectors. We encourage entrepreneurial solutions for improved government service delivery, banking, health, education, transport and logistics, transparency, and other development outcomes.


The DEP works with specialized innovation hubs and accelerators, called mLabs and mHubs, to advance the growth of high-potential startups and small and medium-sized firms.Specifically, it aims to:

Connect innovative, growth-oriented entrepreneurs with knowledge, capital and markets locally and internationally;

Create a demonstration effect that inspires nascent entrepreneurs and digital innovation stakeholders to take action; and

Allow for scaling up through World Bank Group operations and other development partners.


Internet and mobile technologies are powerful tools for creating high- value jobs and strengthening social inclusion. The Digital Entrepreneurship Program supports the growth of competitive mobile applications industries in emerging and frontier markets.


GNBI program offers training and expertise in the establishment of Mobile Application Labs incubation facilities and innovation hubs for digital entrepreneurs in the region.


We offer expertise and training in:

  • Turning youth ICT graduates into entrepreneurs in Digital Technology

  • Promoting Innovation in the mobile sector

  • Business Analytics for technology Hubs/ Incubators

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