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SMME Business Symposium

Great North Business incubator brings the SMME Business Symposium to deliberate, empower, inform and reengineer the SMME sector so that they can take a strategic position in the upcoming multi-billion infrastructure development plan spearheaded by the government.

Objective of the Business Symposium

The business symposium will benefit you in the following objectives:

  • Empower the SMMEs with the relevant information needed to reposition themselves for the multi-billion infrastructure development program

  • Identify distinct challenges faced but SMEs in South Africa in navigating the COVID19 crisis

  • Develop strategies to deal with SMEs corruption and internalize a corrupt free SMME business culture

  • Develop strategies to deal with barriers that hinder SMMEs from accessing the required business report

  • Empower the company directors and founders of SMMEs to empower staff to lead and drive the business

  • Develop team skills and capabilities to enhance the implementation of crisis leadership strategies

  • Drive SMMEs innovation, research and development to deal with post covid19 impact

  • Invest in the skills and capabilities that SMMEs need at this time.

  • Access to funding opportunities

  • SMEs must rethink how they pay technology to survive the current crisis

  • Overcoming pandemic fatigue- How to reenergise organisations for long Run
    Rapid Revenue recovery after the Crisis- strategies for success
    Turning private Labels into powerhouse brands
    Building Supportive ecosystems for Black owned businesses in in South Africa

Image by Aarón Blanco Tejedor

Who should attend the Business Symposium?

  • Directors and founders of SMEs

  • Policy makers in government

  • Private sector CEOs, CFOs and managers

  • Financial institutions

  • Youth entrepreneurs

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs

  • Woman in business

  • Civil society and NGOs

  • Banks

  • Investors

  • Students from TVETs, Colleges and Universities

Who should attend the Business Symposium

  1. Directors and founders of SMEs

  2. Policy makers in government

  3. Private sector CEOs, CFOs and managers

  4. Financial institutions

  5. Youth entrepreneurs

  6. Aspiring entrepreneurs

  7. Woman in business

  8. Civil society and NGOs

  9. Banks

  10. Investors

  11. Students from TVETs, Colleges and Universities


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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