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Become an Entrepeneur and join our incubation Program


About Great North Business Incubator

The Great North Business Incubator (GNBI) was conceived as an economic engine to advance the successful development of entrepreneurial companies through a basketful of business support resources. We work closely with start-ups, incubators & accelerators, aimed at empowering start up entrepreneurs with knowledge & skills to create highpotential ventures. Our Business Incubator Capacity building Program for management has developed client based solutions for the successful establishment & management of incubators.

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Focused Economic Sectors

GNBI has adopted a multi-sector strategy of clustering related economic opportunities together to optimize the creation of high value jobs in the incubation space and program. This strategy has added impact in terms of numbers and sector economic opportunities in the country. Our strategy, takes every start up on board and creates a hive of opportunities among start-ups in the program. The strategy allows cross fertilization of ideas, promotes peer to peer learning in business, sharing of expertise, market opportunities and promotes one stop for investors . By so doing we are offering something greater than individual sectors specific incubation. Start-up entrepreneurs from the following sectors are our key focus areas:

Our Mission

Great North Business Incubator is an exciting, yet challenging journey to assist & empower entrepreneurs/innovators with developing their business knowledge, as well as skills that foster the creation of high potential start-up businesses that create the much needed jobs post the COVID19 pandemic. We thrive in working with incubator partners across the continent. Great North Business Incubator has developed a comprehensive & action driven incubator capacity building program for management. In a collective effort, we are building the next generation of sustainable and bankable start-up entrepreneurs and innovators.

Programme Goal

Our program is designed to develop the capacity of incubator management teams to lead incubators with the purpose of achieving high growth levels of success & sustainability. Our program will expose participants to international practices & develop tools to close identified incubator performance gaps. We uncover the secrets behind the establishment & management of successful incubators. Incubator Management have one thing in common. To build and support viable & successful incubators that build & support successful start-ups. The focus of this program is to give access to training, tools & resources that will empower you & your incubator to support start-ups Entrepreneurs.

Programme Outcome

Experience over the years of incubation management, has taught us that incubators & accelerators have a challenging, yet critical,

role to play in creating high-potential startups. Indeed, we have learnt that this is not easy at all. Building a great incubator or accelerator is

difficult. The best incubators are those that nurture & grow the talents of their start-ups from an idea generation to commercialisation of the product or running a viable business. The main outcome is to enable you to design & implement world class entrepreneurship programs, make your incubator sustainable & build incubator credibility.


Great North Business Incubator focuses on nine clusters of technologies:

  • Agro-processing and food technology

  • Plastic industry technology- bottles, bins, chairs, plastic bags, plates etc.

  • Waste management and recycling- glass bottles, card boxes, plastic, tyres

  • Manufacturing of Sanitary products i.e. tissues, panty liners, pads, napkins etc.

  • Manufacturing of construction material such as tiles, door frames, etc.

  • Foot wear, Leather and clothing technology

  • Wood technology

  • Jewellery design and manufacturing Technology

  • ICT

These clusters not only provide opportunities for the exchange of ideas and expertise but are also those in which GNBI believes have the potential to become world-class companies. To assist the development of these focused clusters, in addition to world-class research and development, infrastructure and facilities, we also provide a wide range of support services, including a series of full-service incubation programmes to nurture technology start-up companies in different sectors at various stages of development. 

Training Content Online

  • Harnessing Invest-ability DNA of Incubators

  • Thinking Like an Investor

  • An Incubator’s Role

  • CSEs for SIs and Incubator Model Canvas

  • Start-up Selection Criteria & Processes

  • Defining Touch points § Program Structure & Design

  • Process driven Incubation & Acceleration

  • Defining UVP & Sustainable Business Models

  • People, Partners & Funders

  • Pitch Perfect § Reflections


Programme Objectives

  • Design world-class entrepreneur support program for all aspects of incubation.

  • Sourcing & selection

  • Incubation & start-up building

  • Community engagement

  • Monitoring & tracking

  • Mentor recruitment & monitoring

  • Develop sustainable incubator models

  • Create a network of mentors, investors & other ecosystem stakeholders

  • Create a process to produce viable, investable start-ups & attract investor.

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Our Support

GNBI will provide unique and in-depth services focused on business and corporate development including:

Office space and facilities
Equipment usage
Technical and Management Assistance 
Learnership programmes in all identified sectors
Promotion and Development Assistance
Business Support
Financial Aid Package
Access to market 

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