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Public Administration, Strategic Planning and Decentralization (PASPD)

GNBI helps public administrators and financial officers develop skills to manage the transition from centralized, controlled systems to a decentralized market economy characterized by transparency, the free and rapid flow of capital and information.

GNBI projects explore the three most successful components of the fight against government corruption: prevention, investigation/enforcement, and education, in the context of a specific country. Participants are prepared and encouraged to raise public intolerance of corruption, to promote anti-corruption reforms at the local level, and to mobilize targeted, effective citizen campaigns to combat corruption.

Organized Files

Specific areas of expertise and training include:

  • Public Service Skills

  • Ethics in Government

  • Accountability in the Public Sector

  • Economic Development Planning and Practices

  • Development and management of Local government

  • Public and development sectors result-based monitoring and evaluation

  • Public sector governance and risk management

  • Leadership in Municipal governance

  • Strategic management in government agencies and departments

  • Perspectives on Urban and Rural Development

  • Policy Design, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation in the Public Sector

  • Training Trainers in Public Administration

  • Development policy and Strategies in the transitional economies

  • Information systems and knowledge management in government

  • Empowerment and Popular initiatives

  • Geography of Basic Services provision

  • Gender mainstreaming in Development

  • Projects and Programs as instruments of development

  • Participatory Project Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation in rural and urban development

  • Public Finance Management Act(PFMA) AND Municipal Finance Management Act

  • Supply Chain Management in the government department

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