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Sustainable Sport & Events (SSE)

Sport and sports events have the potential to impact our society in both positive and negative ways. The ability of a sports federation or organization to balance the economic, environmental and social impact of their activities, including events they host, organize or govern is critical to the future development of their sport.


Now more than ever, sports managers and event organizers have the opportunity to positively harness sport for the benefit of society, and by doing so, contribute to their organization's bottom line.

Image by Fitsum Admasu

Programme Overview

Over two days, the SSE Open Module provides an understanding of the current challenges and opportunities for sustainability in a sport. This understanding will be reinforced through a number of case studies, which offer concrete examples of what leading sports organizations, such as FIFA, the International Olympic Committee and the International Automobile Federation are achieving in this area. Participants will also gain insight into the best practices adopted by the American major leagues such as the NFL, NBA, and MBL. Throughout both days, group work and discussions will challenge the existing ideas of sustainability in sport, with a particular focus on the business case for sustainability while simultaneously addressing the demands of multiple stakeholders.

Our expertise and training include:

  • Fundamentals of Sustainable Sport & Events

  • Engaging the Community on Healthy Living

  • Sustainability in the Major Leagues: A US perspective

  • Why Sponsors Should Care about Sustainability: Making the Business Case

  • Rethinking Sustainability

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