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Politics and Development Program in Sub Saharan Africa (PDPA)

GNBI provides training and expertise in the role politics play in development and democratization in emerging economies such as Africa.


The programs and expertise include:

  • Political economy of Africa  

  • Vision, Decision and Leadership

  • Talent Management

  • Information and Knowledge Management

  • Good Governance and development

  • Aid, Democracy and Political Conditionality in Sub- Saharan Africa

  • Bureaucratic Corruption in Africa- Causes and Consequences

  • The quest for good government and development in Africa

  • The roots of African corruption

  • Democratic and constitutional control of the military in Africa

  • International Organisation

  • Democratization in Africa: attempts, hindrances, and prospects

  • Solutions to the Military Threat

  • What’s new in the New Partnership for Africa’s Development

  • Economic Crisis, Multipartyism, and Opposition Politics in Contemporary Africa

  • Introduction to Global organizations

  • Globalization and Localisation debates in development

  • Diplomacy and International relations

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